Launch of NCKCN’s My Space Website – 2018


An updated version (was: v1.1, now: v1.5) has been launched for NCKCN’s My Space sub domain.  Here is the link:

You may need to clear your browsers history for the changes to take effect.  If unsure on how to clear your browsers history, please refer to our online guide HERE.

This sub domain is a collection of websites developed by NCKCN and CTC members who have received a free website from NCKCN for signing up to any of the following NCKCN or CTC services:

  • Any pack listed for NCKCN’s High-Speed Fixed Wireless Internet service
  • Any package listed for CTC’s Cable service
  • Any package listed for CTC’s Internet service
  • Any package listed for CTC’s Telephone service

If you would like to have a free website and you have one of the above services from either NCKCN or CTC actively going, please fill out the form that is available here:

* Side Note: NCKCN does not activate any website until requested.


Are you, or perhaps your children, interested in (or is) learning how to develop websites?  If so, NCKCN’s free website offer is ideal for educational/learning purposes.  Simply send us the request to activate your free website and once activated, begin your online journey and put your new profound skills to the test 🙂


Please Note: NCKCN is in no affiliation with (except to provide website hosting services) nor will NCKCN be held responsible for any content provided on these websites.  These websites are provided “AS IS”.  Viewer discretion may be advised…


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