NCKCN to upgrade Email Servers



Valued NCKCN & CTC Members,

NCKCN has plans to upgrade its email servers here within the month of November and December for those with an email address.  After upgrades are complete, there may be a few subtle changes to the layout of for those who check/send email via NCKCN’s webmail portal – NCKCN will have a support article posted at: for those who may need to reference it for these layout changes.

For those who use 3rd party email clients such as: Outlook or Thunderbird to check/send email, you should not have to worry about any layout changes (unless your 3rd party email client program has updates of their own which includes layout changes and if so, you would need to contact the developers of those 3rd party email client programs for assistance) nor will you have to worry about re-entering your NCKCN email address account server settings.  All that is required is for you to open up your 3rd party email client program and check your NCKCN email.

All server settings should not be affected by this upgrade.

Please note however, that once the upgrade is complete, NCKCN will have a 6 month grace period (which will more than likely begin January 1st, 2022) to auto-migrate accounts off the old servers to the new servers.  If you do not check your email within this allotted time-frame, your email account will NOT get migrated over to the new servers and all emails you may have received and are stored via prior will be lost and NCKCN will not be liable for lost data nor will we be able to retrieve them.  To put it simply, it is imperative to check your NCKCN email account within the 6 month grace period if you wish to keep your NCKCN email address along with any emails you may have stored on NCKCN’s servers.  With a 6 month grace period, this should be an ample amount of time for you to check your NCKCN email at least once during this time-frame.  Reminders will be announced in our monthly newsletters.  For those not subscribed to our monthly newsletters, we hope you find this article to be informative about NCKCN’s email upgrade process and to take action by simply checking your NCKCN email account at least once during this grace period.

As a rule-of-thumb, it is usually best to have some type of 3rd party email client program on your device(s) to ensure emails are getting downloaded to those email client programs which then those emails will reside on your device(s) rather than on NCKCN’s email servers.  This ensures you that your emails have been downloaded to your 3rd party email client program and now reside on your local device(s) rather than on NCKCN’s servers just in case something bizarre happens and all stored emails get lost on NCKCN’s servers.

If you experience any issues or troubles prior, during, or after the upgrade, or if you would like to download/install a 3rd party email client program and need help getting your NCKCN email account setup with NCKCN’s incoming and outgoing server settings, please contact our tech support (toll free) at: 1-877-841-6500.



We thank you for your cooperation,

The NCKCN Administration Team


PLEASE NOTE: This has been postponed until further notice.